rhinoplasty in Iran

Rhinoplasty in Iran has definitely been the main reason for the emergence of the medical tourism industry in this country.
In Iran, rhinoplasty surgeons are among the most lucrative sections of society; Because most Iranians perform this cosmetic operation and this factor causes a very high level of experience of surgeons.

At binimode, we have made the rhinoplasty package in Iran the most affordable with the possibility of using the most luxurious hotels.

Rhinoplasty package From $ 1,300 to $ 2,000


There are few reasons that make Iran recommendable for rhinoplasty. stay tuned to learn what reasons are worth putting up with thousands extra miles.

  • experienced surgeons

    Since Iranians are in plastic and cosmetic surgery therefore any ENT or plastic surgeon in Iran is doing at least 4 different rhinoplasty or nose job cases per day, to sum up, yearly around 1200 rhinoplasty cases are being performed.

    So the skill and experience that surgeons have learned by trial and error is not comparable with European and American surgeons doing less than 100 rhinoplasty case per year.

  • cost-effective

    Due to devaluation of Iran currency against Dollar and Euro in recent years, Iran has turned to a good platform for medical tourism.

    Rhinoplasty in Iran is 2 times less expensive than turkey and 4 or 5 times less expensive that European and American countries.

  • Modern and equipped hospitals

    In terms of the attention, medical tourism department has been paying to this industry, most of hospitals and clinic are -well equipped with the most updated facilities and devices.

    Nowadays, Iranians hospitals and medical centers have a lot to say among all equipped hospitals all across the worlds.

  • safety and hospitality of Iranians

    Despite what media is spreading, Iran is one of the safest countries. nice tourist attractions, pleased weather, helpful and hospitable people are enough to persuade a tourist to travel to Iran.

Best Iranian rhinoplasty surgeons

Who are the best and most well-known rhinoplasty surgeons in Iran and in which city are they present !?

  • Dr. Amir Arvin Sazegar

    one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Tehran

  • Dr. Alireza Fadaei Naeini

    Member of the American Academy of Plastic Surgeons

  • Dr. Hamed Abbasi

    ENT specialist and one of best rhinoplasty surgeons in Tehran

  • Dr. Amir Arvin Sazegar

    one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Tehran

  • Dr. Alireza Fadaei Naeini

    Member of the American Academy of Plastic Surgeons

  • Dr. Hamed Abbasi

    ENT specialist and one of best rhinoplasty surgeons in Tehran

We go through these 4 steps together!

Cost of rhinoplasty in Iran

Cost of rhinoplasty in Iran and comparison with other countries

As we mentioned above, rhinoplasty price in Iran is so affordable

There are few factors which define rhinoplasty cost in Iran,for instance :

Location: the city plays an important role in total cost; rhinoplasty in Tehran as a capital of Iran Is much higher than other cities.

Two major cities of Iran, like Mashhad and Shiraz are popular hubs for medical tourism and specially for rhinoplasty or nose job.

putation and education of surgeon: the quote of famous   double board-certified surgeon will be different and higher than an Ent surgeon.

case severity: for sure difficult case with huge deformities are more expensive than the case with small and little problems.

For example, revision rhinoplasty and also ethinc rhinoplast in Iran are more expensive than primary nose jobs.

In general, rhinoplasty cost in Iran fall somewhere between 1000-1700 USD considering different factors we have already mentioned.

A good candidate for rhinoplasty in Iran

Rhinoplasty in Iran or any other location can be performed for two purposes: cosmetic and beauty or functional.

Since rhinoplasty is positioned among cosmetic procedures therefore Anyone who doesn’t like her/his nose with realistic expectation can be a good candidate for rhinoplasty.

On the other hand, those ones who suffer from breathing problem shouldn’t doubt about functional rhinoplasty.

Sometimes an injury or accident cause people to lose their beauty and health, plastic surgeries and sometimes rhinoplasty are solutions to return your beauty.

revision rhinoplasty

revision rhinoplasty

ethnic rhinoplasty

Which city in Iran is better for you?

Okay; I am planning to travel to Iran, but I do not know which city to choose that is both acceptable in terms of facilities and the price of rhinoplasty is low!

There are 3 cities in Iran that have the most tourists for rhinoplasty.
Take a look at each item and choose the best one.

frequently asked questions

Overly nose job in Iran is performed under two methods:

Open rhinoplasty :

In open approach which is suitable for most of complicated cases, meaty noses, ethnic nose, thick skinned and bony noses with huge deformities, the surgeon make a small incision in collumella to separate the skin from bone and cartilages.

One of the advantages of this method is giving better view and access to surgeon for applying the necessary changes.

Closed rhinoplasty:

Closed or endonasal rhinoplasty is kind of scar less procedure in which all the cuts and incision are made and positioned insides the nostrils

This approach is suitable for easy cases requiring small and slight changes

It is faster than open rhinoplasty and therefore less swelling during recovery period.

Rhinoplasty is one of the safest procedure among all cosmetic surgeries, it is normally done under general anesthesia and takes 1-1:30 minutes.

Your duty is looking carefully for experienced surgeon, doing enough researches then trusting him /her and leaving everything with them.

It takes like 8 days from the minutes you land in Iran till you fly back to your country,

First day before surgery is for consultation, medical tests and photography, second day is operation day,you stay 1 nigh in hospital ,7th day is cast removal day and required advise and last day is return day.

16+ is suitable age for rhinoplasty. since the all members of your face should be grown maximum.

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